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All services provided by appointment only.

All prices include 10% GST.

(effective from the 1st July 2024)

Please note: Our Cancellation Policy

Our technicians' time is reserved exclusively for your appointment. Please notify us of any cancellation or any changes in your booked services so that we can offer the time to other clients. Less than 24 hour notice, however, may result in a cancellation fee of $16 per 30 minutes of reserved time per technician.

Nail Enhancements

Prices are for finger nails. Add $10 for a full-set of French ($1 each for repair).

EVO by Bio Sculpture
"Designed to Keep Your Nails Healthy" by Bio Sculpture. The most gentle product to your nails.
Bio Sculpture Gel
The original flexible gel nail enhancement with more strength. Can be used for extentions.
Bio Sculpture's hard gel for those who need extra strength.



Additional charge of $10 may apply to a full-set of extra-long nails and nail biter's nail extensions.


Removal of Nail Enhancement from other salons

We have found that the products used in other salons are often not what they are supporsed be.

There have been so many people who came to our salon with "bio gel nails" which were actually acrylic nails. Many people believe that they are wearing "shellac" but they are really only a layer of gel-polish colour on acrylic. We cannot know what they really are and how long it takes to remove them until we start removing them and we will have to charge the removal fee accordingly to what they really are.

We DO NOT rip your acrylic/gel nails off from your nails. They are removed by dissolving (using a removing solution) or/and by filing and buffing away the enhancement from your nails. This process usually takes about 30-40 mins but, for removing some non-industry standard materials, it may take over 1 hour. So, if you'd like to switch to gel nails from acrylic nails, please expect that your appointment may take over 2 hours.

Manicure & Pedicure

Add $10 for French polish.


Basic manicure
Soak and cuticle treatment, trim and shape nails, finishing with hand massage
Deluxe manicure
Full manicure with extras including hand and forearm exfoliation and massage.


Basic pedicure
Soak in a whirlpool footbath, cuticle treatment, sole treatment, shape nails, then finished with massage.
Deluxe pedicure
Full pedicure service. Highly recommended to those requiring extra sole treatment. Includes foot masque, exfoliation and long massage up to knee.
This is the pedicure service for our mail clients.